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About Energetic Healing

Can you see the life you want to live? Even the most visionary and intentional among us sometimes struggle with reaching that vision. Negative thoughts and patterns of behavior impede progress, and discouragement sets in. Recognizing those aspects of yourself is just the beginning. You might know what you’re doing is not working, but the solution eludes you.


As a successful, strong, committed individual, it is within your power to overcome. This is where the healing begins. 


Energetic healing is highly effective to heal deep wounds, overcome limiting behaviors, change belief systems that are not working for us, improve relationships and so much more. Some common areas where it is very effective include:


•  Anxiety & Stress

•  Sadness

•  Panic attacks

•  Fears

•  Lack of motivation

•  Clarity in decision making

•  Relationship issues

•  Self esteem


How It Works 

During our one-on-one sessions, I work with you to identify negative influences and thought patterns that get in the way of achieving your life goals. I help you tap into your unlimited potential and give you the tools you need to manifest remarkable change in your life.


Energetic healing has been practiced in various forms for millennia. The principles are simple – that the body and mind have the ability to heal from within. In Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, and other Eastern cultures, herbs, food, mindfulness, meditation, and daily practice combine to bring our energies into balance. While these principles align with and complement what I do, my work focuses on balancing the mind and energy systems through transformative tools. 


Getting Started 

We begin with an initial consultation. Before we agree to work together, I want to ensure I can help you make those giant leaps you envision – not just an incremental change.


Throughout the work, my focus is 100 percent on you. I hear and see things that you may be missing, and many of my clients tell me they feel completely different at the end of our sessions than they did when they began. They feel hope, relief, peace, excitement, heart-centric, and open to possibilities, illuminating the way forward and opening doors to a greater understanding of who you are meant to be.


What to Expect


Initial Phone Consultation


I offer a free 20 minute phone consultation where you get to share your goals and we determine whether I am the right coach for you at this time.


Before the First Appointment


Once an appointment is scheduled, you will be sent a coaching agreement with will provide you more details about my business practices and policies. Additionally I will send out a questionnaire for further details of your goals from the sessions.


Duration of appointments:


Each appointment is 75mins long. I ask clients commit to 3 weekly appointments to see the change they are seeking.


Making an appointment:


Please contact me to schedule an appointment. All appointments are via zoom. Payment is required prior to the appointment.


Financial Hardship:


If you are having financial hardship, I offer a sliding payment scale. Please reach out to me.