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About Coaching


Life Coaching: 

My life coaching practice is 100% results focused to help you create the life you want. It includes deep intuitive listening and provides you with insights into areas that are holding you back. I use advanced coaching techniques tools such as EFT and Matrix to work with your subconscious mind to create lasting change. You will learn how to connect to your inner guidance system to help you navigate life to find the best path forward at any given time. You also learn tools and frameworks to break out of negative behaviors that you can use throughout your life.

Career Coaching: 

The career coaching program is focused on achieving professional and personal excellence. The goal of the program is to unlock your innate self-confidence either pursue a new career, grow in your existing job or become an entrepreneur. Here you will learn to deeply connect with your work by having personal breakthroughs on limiting beliefs and behavior patterns;You will develop a deep self awareness, and grow in key leadership areas such as decision making, conflict management, building and managing teams, stress management, emotional self control and more!

Getting Started 

We begin with an initial consultation. Before we agree to work together, I want to ensure I can help you make those giant leaps you envision – not just an incremental change.


Throughout the work, my focus is 100 percent on you. I hear and see things that you may be missing, and many of my clients tell me they feel completely different at the end of our sessions than they did when they began. They feel hope, relief, peace, excitement, heart-centric, and open to possibilities, illuminating the way forward and opening doors to a greater understanding of who you are meant to be.


What to Expect


Initial Phone Consultation


I offer a free 20 minute phone consultation where you get to share your goals and we determine whether I am the right coach for you at this time.


Before the First Appointment


Once an appointment is scheduled, you will be sent a coaching agreement with will provide you more details about my business practices and policies. Additionally I will send out a questionnaire for further details of your goals from the sessions.


Duration of appointments:


Each appointment is 75mins long. I ask clients commit to 3 weekly appointments to see the change they are seeking.


Making an appointment:


Please contact me to schedule an appointment. All appointments are via zoom. Payment is required prior to the appointment.


Financial Hardship:


If you are having financial hardship, I offer a sliding payment scale. Please reach out to me.