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Coaching + Energetic Healing

"The wound is the place where the light enters you." - Rumi


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Energetic Healing

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Coaching + Energetic Healing

Living a life that is joyous and aligned

with our true purpose

Are you struggling with fear, anxiety, sadness, lack of a deep connection to your purpose? Do you know that living a life that is healthy, joyous and aligned is our birth right? Have you tried a myriad of techniques to only find you are still facing these challenges?


See transformational change

in just a few sessions


My energetic healing and coaching practice has evolved based on my clients’ needs, feedback, and results. I genuinely believe you should not have to spend a minute of your life in misery. Living a life filled with joy is not a pipe dream but a real thing. You may have tried many tools and therapies with no results, but with my coaching, you will see a transformation in your very first session.


Energy healing and coaching help if you:


  • Are Feeling Stuck

  • Are Repeating Negative Patterns

  • Have Tried To Solve Issues On Your Own Without Success

  • Are Struggling with Anxiety and Depression

  • Are Willing to Examine Your Life Closely

  • Know The Spiritual Dimension Has An Important Role In Healing


What Our Clients Say


Kathi D

In just 5 sessions I now have a clear vision of where my company is going and how to be successful thanks to Sunita. She has transformed my business and my life. I very highly recommend Sunita and Sayana Transformational Coaching! 

Tatianna M

Once Sunita and I began working together, something aligned inside of me and brought me to closer to meditation, visualization, positivity, deliberate creation and abundance.  By my second session with Sunita, I received an offer for the Tech company that I had been interviewing for - career change, SUCCESS! 

Mel H

Sunita is a miracle worker. She brings a piercing insight and an uncommonly strong intuition to her healing practice that is nothing short of transformational. Combining meditation, astrological knowledge, EFT, and manifesting assistance with her superpowers of intuition and insight, she helped me to catch an entirely new glimpse of my life that is utterly aligned for me. I’m holding on to it and loving it! 

Image by Jazmin Quaynor

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